This online content-structured program focuses on equipping you with new habits, strategies and tools to move forward in your transformation and in manifesting your next levels with confidence and ease.  


Over 8 weeks, you will be supported weekly  to engage with transformational tools and strategies within the program to develop your individual strategies to move forward in achieving your next level goals. 

At every weekly session (90 mins):

  • Check in -  (Complete the check in format before each  session)

  • Content - guided empowerment session

  • Containment - grounding

  • Check out 

  • Intro Session: Live Intro session To Review Current Reality, Next Level Goals, Daily Mindset Work, Inner Work, Next Level Toolkit and EFT Practice. 


  • Weekly Session 2: AWARENESS: Guided Meditation to discover the root cause of dominant limiting beliefs & blocks to success.​


  • Weekly Session 3: CORE BELIEFS: Guided NLP Timeline Session to re-imprint the limiting beliefs & emotional blocks ​


  • Weekly Session 4:  MINDFULNESS - Inner Child Connect

  • Weekly Session 5:  Guided Meditation - Inner Child Work 

  • Weekly Session 6:  Guided Meditation - Inner Child Work  

  • Weekly Session 7:  Mindfulness & Containment Tools

  • Weekly Session 8:  Authenticity & Containment Tools

We will work together through each week to ensure that you are taking back your authentic power and developing empowering daily routines to manifest your next level with confidence and ease.

We will meet each week on Zoom. 

Download the zoom app or just click on the link below and run Zoom from your browser.

We will use the following Zoom Link for every Group Session:


Overview & Diary


Awareness (Highs & Lows)


Inner Connect (core beliefs) 




Inner Child (1)


Inner Child (2)