Unleash Your Authentic Self (8 weeks)

My clients come from all walks of life and have one thing in common: they are ready to transform. They have tried various therapies and strategies and are ready to get really practical and dive deep for 8 weeks, to release all resistance and blocks within, to manifest their next levels.


If you are ready to

⭐️develop new mental and emotional habits 

⭐️live daily as your authentic self

⭐️be driven by your inner core, rather than your ego


then this program is for you.


I combine scientifically proven transformational and recovery biotechnologies with deep energy healing to heal and empower you to manifest your next level, whether it is relationships, financial freedom, business expansion, health or spiritual awakening.


Many of my clients combine my coaching with their ongoing therapy/treatment.


This program is for you if you are ready:​

  • To invest in yourself now to unleash your true self

  • To break through the mask of confusion, shame, blame, fear, anger and guilt

  • To remember your innocence, even if you doubt it. 

  • To recover from past abuse and trauma.



Be yourself again and experience:

Freedom From Shame:

  • Clear yourself from accusations

  • Recondition your thoughts & become skilled in letting go

  • Refrain from carrying baggage, trying to fix things

Freedom From Blame:

  • Accept that it was out of your control

  • Acknowledge the wrong-doing without justification

  • Restore your freedom and right to be treated well

Freedom From Fear:

  • Refuse to allow fear to continue to rule your life. 

  • Release the hold of fear within your subconscious

  • Become skilled in being loved, safe and protected

Over 60 days, you will heal and be empowered to release your inner resistance as you are supported to heal and engage with transformational tools/ strategies, to unleash your authentic self and manifest your more fulfilling life. 

This gentle but deep dive program focuses on healing, on empowering you to clear the imprints, wounds, clutter, blocks in your life whether it be emotional, spiritual, mental, energetic or physical.


I hold the space for you to heal, feel safe, let go of what no longer serves you and grow in your worthiness.  

I hold the space for you to connect to your true authentic self driven by your spiritual core.


⭐️Weekly Online 90 minutes Live Video Healing & Coaching 

In addition

You will receive access to my

⭐️ Private Facebook INNER CONNECT closed group

⭐️ Free Subliminal Audio sessions 

⭐️ Next Level Toolkit 

@ £400 (£200 per month) Group coaching 

@ £1000 (£500 per month) One to one coaching

via Zoom

You release & transform as you engage through the program,

either one to one or as you interact in the group.


In the group, members  (maximum 6 people) support each other in a safe space under my close supervision and guidance. Click here for more about me.

If Group coaching is your preference, it is powerful, as the group immersion is designed to help you heal, recharge, shield, reconnect and start thriving in all areas of your being. They create an amplified transformational experience. You are also more in the realisation that you are not alone in your experiences, which encourages oneness with others..

Book a complimentary (free) call here to explore my Unleash Your Authentic Self (UYAS) program.

I look forward to supporting you in achieving your next steps.

If you are not quite ready for a program but you want specific advice about a particular personal experience or about your transformational journey, you can book a 1hr Strategy Session with me now and I will send you a calendar link to book best time.

Book a 1 hr Strategy Call now @ £55


You've been a great source of encouragement for me Bola in your quiet way! It has taken me a long time to believe that I deserve the good things that life has to offer, and that I have something to offer others! Know that you have had a part in this transformation for me! Xoxo” ~ C.S., USA

“I have just finished Bola's NEXT LEVEL course it's not for the faint-hearted because it's life changing. The next level is something that happens inside you. A gradual awakening to the core of your possibilities and you become a different person by choice. I was given a safe space to forgive deep anger that was hurting my loved ones. And I was guided and supported to abide by new values that assisted instead of criticised. I used meditation and subliminal cassettes to study for my GCSE's when I was 17. I am now 46 years old. Due to my history with self development I opted for two sessions a week rather than the one session Bola kindly suggested. So the changes I experienced in four weeks took me by surprise; I breathe and stand differently, my voice has changed, I've lost weight and feel better about my family. I've asked Bola to include a caution in the course title.

"The ledge of your old life ends here ..." I believe she thought I was joking".

~ AA, Hertfordshire. UK

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Always consult your physician prior to using transformational tools

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