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Unleash Your Power 

Through Stillness and Reflective Practice

Free Monthly Group Practice

 12.30pm - 1.30pm London (UK) time on

first Saturdays

of the month

Sign up below for the details

This is what we are co-creating together in this sessions:

  • 20 mins group guided meditation into Stillness

  • surrendering the body and mind to Oneness

  • embodying the non divided self

  • consciously owning the truth of who we are

  • becoming fearless and unstoppable to live in higher frequency, in truth


The meditations are held LIVE online. 


Fill in the form on this page to obtain details.


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As a Spiritual Coach and Healer, I facilitate these gatherings with like minded men and women after spiritual awakening,  on the healing journey we are all on. 

We share, meditate, read poems and watch videos based on esoteric teachings. 

These gatherings are to help us stay connected to our true self and maintain our higher frequencies amidst the daily busy schedules.  

As we understand and calm our mind, we are able to be truly free, create the life of our dreams and most importantly, to enjoy it.


I look forward to connecting with you.

Bola xx

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