"Feel, Catch & Release Resistance to Your Goal"

30 Day Challenge

A 30-Day journey to release emotional & mental resistance and attract your heart felt goal

Welcome to this 30 day FEEL CATCH RELEASE RESISTANCE TO YOUR GOAL Challenge.


This week I made a promise to myself 


To have written my first non fiction in 30 days or something even better. 


Do you want to join me in setting a goal, making a promise to yourself, for 30days


I cannot tell you how many times I have started and stopped writing my book, changed the title, scrapped the chapters, dropped the ball etc. This promise to myself today is about accountability and is no squabbles time specific.  


You see anytime we want to make a change in our lives,  we have to come from a place where we are fully accountable 


Step away from what others will think or say about your goal, your dream, present or past and accepting that your goal is important to you and that this is ok, is really key. 


We naturally get so attached to what other people think about us, about our ideas, about our goals. 


We sometimes get fearful or anxious of having goals because of past let downs. However think of those times when you did not get what you wanted as stepping stones to your now, to your present next level. They are not meant to be stop points. You are learning what works and what does not work. Forgive yourself and step it up again and again. 


Sometimes we think that sharing our goals is not wise because we feel someone will steal them or sabotage them somehow. Trust me, this is a myth. It is who and where you share your goals that matters. Making sure your goals are shared in a safe place with purpose. 


Your voice, your intent has power when you use it in this way. Then you inspire your own self and others

We may think our goal is not original enough. Whilst there is no monopoly on goals, yes many people can share the same goal, express it but without a shadow of a doubt they will each experience and achieve it in their own unique way. This is original. Your goal and achievement remain original. 


We can focus on our own lane. Do your own thing and leave the rest is what my grandma used to say. It did take me a while to listen. But this is the best advice I find.


Do not scold yourself over the doubts, delays, rewinds, stops and starts. This is life


We all do this and it helps to just begin to be aware of when you are working with a scarcity, fearful mindset or comparing ourself to other or placing another person’s acceptance of us over your acceptance of our own self.


The key thing is to become more aware of our process and choose what we want! 

This challenge is about you accepting that actually you are ok with all that you are, with your light and with your dark, the shadow. Yes all to be in balance is key. In fact you are original, creative, imaginative, powerful and you are awesome! Truly. 

So Now, Ask Yourself ......

 ☘️ Who would you be if your worth and safety were not in question?


☘️ How would you move through the world? 


🍀What would you be able to accomplish if you felt free to be yourself?


☘️What goal would you promise yourself and commit to? 


☘️What will you promise yourself? 


Are you up for this 30 day challenge to FEEL CATCH AND RELEASE RESISTANCE TO YOUR GOAL? 


Let's do this!

Your goal could be to identify your unique gifts, weight loss/gain, parenting differently, moving abroad, starting your business, changing jobs/careers, leaving your 9-5, building your website, meeting your dream partner, could be writing a book too! 


Resistance lies in the doubts and blocks within which cause anxiety or fear . They gets in the way.  


This is the time to step it up a notch and do it.


❇️ Pick a goal that you have been trying to achieve for sometime, something you know is doable and you are motivated to achieve but just dropped a few times or many times 


Trust yourself and engage in the first strategy already in the group: 




From Day One

 ☘️ Every day, receive in the group, a simple but effective exercise to support you. 


☘️ Every week, share your updates of what you are seeing, what is unfolding.

No matter what is happening around us or what we have experienced, the only way we can win and move forward is if we embrace our power within, release resistance and shift things in our favour to manifest the reality we'd like to see.

Do not worry, this is not going to be difficult at all. 

We will take it a day at a time

Look forward to walking the 30 days with you! 


Let’s do this!! 

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